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Hello, I am Brigita and this website serves as a medium for Educational Reflections. As a science teacher, I am creating a collection of personal reflections on educational practices, research & implementation of new methodologies & pedagogies in the 21st century education.


Importance of Felling Good

Introducing Concepts of Well-being and Mindfulness to Form Class This year I was Y9 Form teacher. I consider Y 9 Form class to be an ideal platform to start introducing and applying the concepts of well-being. Each term in 2018 contained a particular focus that should...

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Where from Here?

Undertaking 32 weeks long learning journey through the Mind Lab postgraduate programme this year as an addition to the full time teaching workload, was challenging regarding time frames and deadlines, however it was extremely useful, inspiring and insightful experience for me as a practicing teacher at the same time. Would I do it again? Yes, definitely, and I am convinced we reached the point in teaching practice that this is becoming a necessity.

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Global Influences

“Education is undergoing the paradigm shift” became a popular statement in the last decade or so. Recognition of a rapidly changing world that should be reflected in the contemporary education is starting to gain momentum and educators became a part of a very challenging, yet inspiring process. When stepping aside to evaluate those new mega trends, two of these are already starting to take place and are shaping themselves as a norm in the near future education.

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Little Bird Tells Me …

Social media is where digital generation is at home and which transformed their way of communication and their focus of social interest. Educators had to acknowledge and accept that this created new possibilities for student centered learning and building professional networks on a global scale.

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Digital Citizenship

Rise of civilization created the need for societal norms defined as citizenship to enable its functionality and existence. Consequently, to provide a required boundaries, rules and laws followed. With the rise of digital technology, the need for another set of norms was established. Digital citizenship was formed that users can apply to a value neutral technology acts of responsibility and no harm.

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